Programme for 2018

2018 Programme
Date Day Club Day Competition Women’s Competition
28/1/2018 Sun Zonta Tournament
03/02/2018 Sat Waitangi Stableford
Tue Waitangi Day Tournament at St.Andrews
$5 Entry 12 pm start
10/02/2018 Sat Opening Day
Mixed 4BBB Medal
Plate please
Visitors welcome
12/02/2018 Mon CORING
17/02/2018 Sat First Wembley Shield at Maungati
No competition at St Andrews – plate please
24/02/2018 Sat Baker Trophy Men v Women Matchplay / Medal Names up for Galletly & Coulter Trophy
3/03/2018 Sat Medal – First Shootout & Putting: white tees • LGU Medal NZ Competition
• Coronation Cup
• First Templer Trophy
• First Shootout
7/03/2018 Wed Bristol Cup Timaru Golf Club
10/03/2018 Sat Stableford Hidden Partners National Teams
11/03/2018 Sun First Round Russell Cup
American Foursome
17/03/2018 Sat Irish Stableford
Draw up for Galletly & Coulter Trophies Second Templer Trophy
24/03/2018 Sat Combined Stableford Nancy McCormick 36 holes
31/03/2018 Sat 4BBB Stableford
7/04/2018 Sat Medal – Second Shootout –putting Putting Second Shootout LGU
14/04/2018 Sat St Andrews Classic (2 days)
15/04/2018 Sun
21/04/2018 Sat Par
Names up for Campbell Trophy Third Round Templer Trophy
22/04/2018 Sun Russell Cup Round Canadian Foursome Plate Please
25/04/2018 Wed Anzac Day $5 Stableford at St Andrews 12pm start
28/04/2018 Sat Istas Stableford
5/05/2018 Sat Putting – Medal Third Shootout
First Round Winter Cup Medal white tees First round winter medal
LGU Putting Third Shootout
12/05/2018 Sat Bisque Par Draw up for Campbell Trophy
13/05/2018 Sun Third Round Russell Cup Compulsory round
19/05/2018 Sat McRaeway Homes trophies –Men & Women best Nett
Names up for those who not want to be in the club champs
21/05/2018 Mon St.Andrews Women’s teams Tournament
26/05/2018 Sat Stableford Stableford
2/06/2018 Stableford Pairs/Multiply
9/06/2018 Sat Fourth Shootout & Putting

Second Round Winter Cup Medal white tees LGU Putting Fourth Shootout
Second round Winter Medal

16/06/2018 Sat Stableford-Dexter Allen Trophy u 60s V over 60s
23/06/2018 Sat Bisque Par Draw up for Club Champs Third Round Winter Medal
30/06/2018 Sat President Choice
7/07/2018 Sat Medal -5th Shootout / putting & Third Round Winter Cup White Tees LGU Putting 5th Shootout
Fourth Round Winter Medal
14/07/2018 Sat Drawn Teams of Four
Best Three Stablefords to Count
21/07/2018 Sat Par Round
28/07/2018 Sat Istas Stableford
4/08/2018 Sat Medal – 6th Shootout /Putting Fourth & Final Round Winter Cup Men LGU Putting 6th Shootout 5th Final Round Winter Medal
11/08/2018 Sat Stableford Stableford
18/08/2018 Sat 4BBB and Rooney Family Trophy
25/08/2018 Sat Bisque Par
1/09/2018 Sat Medal – 7th Shootout /putting LGU –Putting
7th Shootout
8/09/2018 Sat Stableford – Left H v Right H Stableford
15/09/2018 Sat Club Captains Choice
22/09/2018 Sat Par Draw up for St.Andrews
Champion of Champions Par

24/09/2018 Mon Anniversary Day $5 Tournament?
29/10/2018 Sat Stableford Hidden Partners

6/10/2018 Sat Medal – 8th Shootout / putting Joan Tindall Trophy Best Nett over 60 LGU medal – 8th Shootout
13/10/2018 Sat Par Par
20/10/2018 Sat Istas Stableford
22/10/2018 Mon Labour Day $5 Stableford 12pm start
27/10/2018 Sat Bisque par
3/11/2018 Sat Medal -9th Shootout /putting Putting LGU Medal – 9th Shootout
10/11/2018 Sat Stableford Stableford
11/11/2018 Sun Shootout Final Tee off 1pm
17/11/2018 Sat Second Webley Shield @ St Andrews – Plate please Stableford
24/11/2018 Sat Par
25/11/2018 Sun “St Andrews Day” Tournament

1/12/2018 Sat Closing Day – Mixed Combined Stableford – Xmas Hamper
Presentation of Trophies – Plate please
8/12/2018 Sat Summer Cup First Rd Blue/White Tees
Medal / Stableford

15/12/2018 Sat Summer Cup Second Rd
Medal / Par
22/12/2018 Sat Summer Cup Third Rd
Medal / Bisque Par
29/12/2018 Sat Medal / Stableford
01/01/19 on $5 New Year’s Day Stableford 12 pm start
5/01/2019 Sat Summer Cup Fourth Rd
Medal / ISTAS Stableford
12/01/2019 Sat Summer Cup 5th Rd
19/01/2019 Sat Summer Cup 6th Rd
Medal / Stableford
26/01/2019\27/01/2019 Sat\Sun Summer Cup – Final round
Medal / Par
Zonta Tournament
02/02/19 Sat Istas Stableford
9/02/2019 Sat Opening Day – 4BBB Medal Plate please visitors welcome


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